Weekly/Monthly Awards

Player of the Week:
Week: Player: Pos: Team:
1 Kobe Bryant SF Celtics
2 Dirk Nowitzki PF Grizzlies
3 Kevin Garnett PF Pistons
4 Tracy McGrady SG Hornets
5 Tim Duncan PF Hornets
6 Elton Brand PF Nuggets
7 Allen Iverson SG Nets
8 Carmelo Anthony SF Raptors
9 Dwyane Wade SG Timberwolves
10 Jermaine O'Neal PF Nets
11 Tim Duncan PF Hornets
12 Tracy McGrady SG Hornets
13 Tracy McGrady SG Hornets
14 Kobe Bryant SF Celtics
Player of the Month:
Month: Player: Pos: Team:
1 Michael Redd SG Magic
2 Kevin Garnett PF Pistons
3 Stephon Marbury PG Bulls
Rookie of the Month:
Month: Player: Pos: Team:
1 Blake Griffin PF Lakers
2 James Harden PG Jazz
3 Stephen Curry PG Thunder

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